Providing  our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised.   We specializes in the installation and training of QuickBooks for businesses.

As a QuickBooks Professional Advisor, we will meet with new or current users of QuickBooks and provide a free assessment of their accounting system needs and a demonstration of the QuickBooks Accounting Software. After the assessment/demonstration, we will provide the client with a written proposal for services including the price of the software, installation, set up, training, and support.

QuickBooks Professional Advisor
Our firm is a member of the QuickBooks Professional Advisors Program and has been supporting QuickBooks since 1999.

QuickBooks Accounting Software
QuickBooks accounting software is the most user friendly and economical accounting system on the market today. This software is ideal for small businesses with under 50 employees and annual revenues of less than five million dollars. You do the majority of your bookkeeping as you write checks and record receipts on a daily basis. With QuickBooks you know if you're making or losing money instantly. There's no need to understand accounting jargon like debits, credits or postings. Leave that to us!

As CPAs, we understand your internal and external reporting needs. Whether you're seeking quarterly or annual tax reports, interim financial statements for the bank or a listing of bills to be paid, we can take your QuickBooks data and make any necessary adjustments to prepare the reports you need. If you prefer to produce your reports in-house, we can make sure QuickBooks is set up to produce the information you desire.

Frequently asked questions about QuickBooks

Will QuickBooks do payroll for me?
Yes. Once you set up your pay categories, deductions and employee W-4 information, payroll is as simple as entering the hours worked. QuickBooks calculates the deductions, prints the paychecks and summarizes your payroll information automatically. There are various payroll reports which you can run to determine payroll tax liabilities and QuickBooks will even print your quarterly Form 941 and annual Forms 940 and W-2s.

Will QuickBooks pay my bills?
Yes. Entering your bills is so easy and it allows you to sort your bills by due date or vendor to help you decide who to pay first. Accounts payable reports, like all other QuickBooks reports, are available with the click of your mouse and can be created for any date you choose. Once your vendor information is entered, vendor names and addresses will print on the checks, enabling you to use window envelopes rather than writing out or typing envelopes. QuickBooks will also print 1099s at the end of year for those vendors you designate as required to receive 1099s.

Will QuickBooks keep my checkbook up-to-date?
Yes. Provided you enter your transactions on a daily basis, your bank balances will automatically be updated after each transaction. QuickBooks also has a reconciliation feature that saves time compared to reconciling your bank statement manually each month.

What other features does QuickBooks offer?

  • Inventory tracking

  • Acts as database for printing labels or rolodex cards

  • Tracks expenses by customer/job

  • Customizable forms

  • Audit trail function

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Budgeting

  • On-line banking

How long would it take to get QuickBooks up and running for my business?
Depending on the size of your business and how quickly you can gather the information to get your company set up, on average it would take 2 to 4 weeks to set up your company information, e.g. chart of accounts, payroll information, customized invoicing and beginning balances. Training normally takes 6 to 8 hours, usually in 3 to 4 hour blocks.

I am already using QuickBooks. What can you do for me?
We can review your chart of accounts and transaction history to see that QuickBooks has been set up properly for tax purposes and according to Financial Accounting Standards, if necessary. We can also help you customize forms and reports to best suit your needs or train you about software features you may not be using because you don't quite understand them yet.

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